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SOW: A New Family Member (Meela and Adia RP)
Meela had spent her time patrolling around the town, keeping an eye out for that filthy cougar or any pit men. She would often scout around "The Stone Mansion". She knew her son lived there and it filled her with anger. How could Varric do such a thing? In his defense, he didn't know of Henry Stone's crimes. Still, she was resentful. She hoped her other children would be more fortunate, whether that be in a new home or in the forest. She hoped for the best.
Meela sighed, she was thinking too deep into it. She turned around and headed into the forest, her ears listening to her surroundings. The wolf was no stranger to danger. She had seen hell before, a walk in the forest was nothing. She walked along the forest, keeping her guard up.
Adia trembled, she couldn't believe it. Her parents were dead and a bear had killed them. She slowly got out from her hiding spot as her mom had told her to hide from the bear. When the growling and barking were all quiet she knew it was all over. She snif
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The Lion Guard by DragonSneezes The Lion Guard :icondragonsneezes:DragonSneezes 234 25
A new sun rises when the other has set.
In the south, my home.. The place I have taken back with the others.. The land where I ruled..And where I eventually lay my bones to rest.
With the loss of Hitoto, the Soutlands was no longer ruling under a King. Bashira could decide to rule on her own.. but nothing would be the same without him here.
Her children had grown, they were strong, mighty lions now..and she had trained Kodin just for this moment. They would close this chapter. A Chapter with chaos, despair and yet the memory of reclaiming the south. A new sun would rise.. and Kodin would bask in it's radience. 
Bashira's time was coming to an end. She was growing old, and many others already left her in this world. So now was the time to find closure. The lioness stood up from the den that she called her own..the royal quarters would now have a new owner, Kodin. She moved to the dune where she would watch her lands, her favorite spot in the whole area. And she looked out across the desert. With a sad, yet confide
:iconrockingpudding:RockingPudding 5 10
King Hitoto- Farewell
It had been a few weeks since Kodin had found Hitoto scared and bloody. He had helped his father back to the cave, where Bashira quickly Helped, and began to call out to lions to collect healing herbs. Word got around, but everyone was told to keep calm. Kodin made sure they were anyway. Even though Hitoto had been getting cared for, his scars still seemed to sting, and it hurt to much to eat. The king was getting thinners, losing his body weight fast. Bashira, Kodin and Zola tried to get him to eat, but it seemed hopeless. Hitoto just didn't have the appetite. Ikka visited him a few times, trying to help anyway he could, But still the king wouldn't eat.
It was a cool night that night in the southlands. The rain had been bucketing down, lions getting very uncomfortable, and it even made it harder to hunt. Bashira had just returned home, a wet piece of antelope leg hanging from her jaws. She placed it down next to Hitoto, licking his cheek. "Wake up Sweetheart, You need to eat" Bashira
:iconpeppa91:Peppa91 4 9
The birth of something beautiful
somewhere in the Eastlands a black lioness walked, heavily pregnant lioness to give you the exact data. It was Shari or how she called herself the black devil, the latest days hadn’t been easy and walking was very difficult for her but she promised to herself to keep on doing her duties and a promise is a promise.
Shari was out patrolling the borders of the East and the unknown lands, she knew the cubs could come into the world at any moment but she had to patrol she had to secure the safety of the Eastlands. But for once Shari was lucky and found a dead Impala she dragged with her while patrolling it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining very bright and with a meal with her this couldn’t be any better. Thinking about how her cubs would look like, how they would grow and how they would become the best lioness in the world trained by there mother in personal but her mind changed when she smelled the scent of blood and looked to the impala and sighed “I scent bloo
:iconsharithelion:ShariThelion 6 0
KT and Jode: The end of something great
Jode laid on her side breathing heavy. She had multiple scratches and scars from the beatings she received from Neji and the others, she blinked a few times, they called her names like traitor, whore she closed her eyes and felt tears coming down. She had lost everything, she was scared for her son Risone, would Nefer kill him? She sighed sadly " I'm such a fool. What have I done?" She coughed a little blood up.
Still messy and bloody from the fight KT was looking for his mate. No matter what happened between him and her,he couldn't say that he didn't love her still.He didn't care about his wounds or that his face hurted from the wound across his face, as he thought about Jode he felt that something bad happened to her. He started to wlak faster when he scented her and he wasn't happy when he saw her. He ran to her and laid down next to her "Jode..." he said silent and nuzzled her ear
Jode opened her eyes as she felt the nuzzle " KT?" She asked weakly. She smiled a little, a true smile
:iconnikusz97:nikusz97 1 1
The Declaration of War
Nyeupe walked along the borders of his kingdom,looking into his brothers Spiritlands,pending on whether or not to anter them and confront him.After a long time pacing and thinking he decided to go into his lands,he sniffed the air seeing if there was a warrior patroling and got now scent of one,then walked up to where his brother was and called out "Pili!"
Pili had been snoozing under a large acacia tree, sleeping the day away as nothing really ever happened in his lands that the lionesses couldn't tend to. His sleep was interupted however, by a familiar voice that he hadn't heard in a long while. "Brother..." he yawned. He shot his brother dagger eyes as he ran his paw over the scars their last fight had earned him. "What do you want?"
"I need to take to you" he said with a stern voice,glaring at his brother to make him understand that he should not try anything stupid "I know............that you want to start a war with me......" he stayed a distance away so if his brother got up he
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Shattered by DragonSneezes Shattered :icondragonsneezes:DragonSneezes 16 7 Mother! by zinxscar Mother! :iconzinxscar:zinxscar 22 5
Zola steps down
It was the dead of night, and most of the lions in the pride were well into their sleep by now. But this was a matter of great importance. Zola had just finished burying her love beside their daughter. She climbed the tallest rock in the lands and let out a loud roar, surely waking up most of the pride. As lions began gathering infront of her, she began her announcement.
“Good evening, Eastlands pride. I apologize for the disturbance, but something dreadful has happened. Our great king and my love, Abasi, has sadly just passed away. He had been very sick, the same illness you know took our princess Kucheza away some months ago. Anyways, it is with a small glimmer of pride that I step down from my position as queen and pass on all ruling responsibilities to my son, Prince Kukata. Or should I say, King Kukata. He is your new king, and I promise you he will do an excellent job with our great kingdom.” Zola said, looking to her son who stepped up to stand at her side. “He
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Akachi Map by UnikLion Akachi Map :iconuniklion:UnikLion 3 0 Ua Ref. by silverwolf-song Ua Ref. :iconsilverwolf-song:silverwolf-song 14 14 Sarashu by Ashen-Artistry Sarashu :iconashen-artistry:Ashen-Artistry 9 29 Viza Commission by YoungLioness Viza Commission :iconyounglioness:YoungLioness 10 2 Keyara ref sheet by YoungLioness Keyara ref sheet :iconyounglioness:YoungLioness 9 5



Hey guys and gals! I'm still alive! I've just been soooooo busy with real life that it made me take a long break. But I'm back now and hopefully will be able to rp and chat once again. 

Till next time 


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